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Safety Cap-exclusive Polti patent. Steam nozzle with worldwide Polti patented controlled expansion chamber up to 180° C overheated dry steam outflow. Connection for HPMed sanitizing solution single-use bottle placed under the steam nozzle.Integrated spacer/stand. Ergonomic handle with soft-touch insert. Steam release button with safety lock device. Cimex Eradicator is the technological and ecological solution for the elimination of bedbugs. The laboratory and field tests show that the flow of overheated steam, generated by Cimex Eradicator, is able to eliminate 100% of the eggs and a very high proportion of the mobile insects with a single treatment. No contact with surfaces. It removes badbugs bad smell - System: Pressurized boiler; * Max pressure;  - 4 bar; * Pressure switch;  - Yes; * Pressure gauge;  - Yes; * Steam output;  - Up to 110 g/min; * Steam adjustement;  - Continuous; * Boiler material;  - Stainless steel; * Boiler volume;  - 2,9 l; * Use capacity;  - 2 l; * Steam ready indicator;  - Yes; * Low water level indicator;  - Yes, acoustic; * Vacuum function;  - No; * Parking System;  - No; * Boiler power;  - 1500 W; * Nozzle power;  - 750 W; * Max power;  - 2250 W; * Dimensions (WxDxH);  - O 36 x 42 cm; * Weight;  - 4,9 kg; STANDARD EQUIPMENT - * HpMed for Steam Disinfector - 2 single-use bottles of HPMED sanitising agent - * Accessory for sanitising - Concentrating accessory - * Demonstration DVD - Use Guide - Protective gloves - * with non-slip finish.* The accessories kit is dedicated to all those who have Cimex Eradicator but who wish to clean up their environments using the power of steam. Polti provides a complete set of steam accessories that allows you to use Cimex Eradicator for sanitizing surfaces. - * Extension hoses:  Extension hoses for steam function. * Floor Brush: Brush to clean floors and all large surfaces. - * Small brush: It can be used for textiles, car seats and interiors, tiles and other small surfaces. - * Flexible hose with handle: Comfortable and ergonomic for easy use. - * Squeegee kit: The rubber squeegee insert is designed to wash glass windows and vertical surfaces without leaving marks on the cleaned surface. - * Cloth and sockette: To collect the dirt melted by steam.

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