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Combi machine POLTI Vaporetto Lecoasp ANIMAL

Two technologies with exclusive features united to give birth to Vaporetto Lecoaspira. Vaporetto Lecoaspira is a steam-cleaner and a high quality vacuum-cleaner with water filter too. Water in the form of steam offers cleaning power which even the most modern cleaning products cannot match. Vaporetto does away with the need for chemical cleaning products, not only protecting our world and our health but cutting costs too. Steam offers huge benefits in everyday life and helps protect the priceless treasure that is our natural environment. The Vaporetto force: • Steam, with no minerals or electrical conductivity, neutralises the static charge of dust particles • Heat allows steam to detach and dissolve dirt, freeing and capturing all dirt particles with its passage: grease particles, germs, bacteria and dust mites. The dust mites that so often cause allergies cannot survive Vaporetto’s high temperature and pressure • • All the dirt and grease that is detached is collected by the cloths used with all accessories (or, in the Vaporetto Lecoaspira, by the suction function), which can then be machine washed • Vaporetto produces “dry” steam which leaves the house perfectly clean and dry • “Hygienic” cleaning means no contact with bacteria, germs, dust mites, funguses and pollens, giving pathogens and carriers of disease no opportunity to do their evil work. Not even the tiniest particle of dirt escapes the steam, making it effective against common dust allergies. High temperatures effectively eliminate funguses and bacterial cultures as well. And steam also eliminates odours, dust and wrinkles. • The Lecoaspira thought for pets' owners • High-efficiency turbo brush included • HP007 Pets Eco-cleaning bottle included • Eco-Active Filter water filtration • Washable HEPA filter
Eco-Active water filter: The special water vortex of Eco-Active Filter traps the dirt and retains it in water, preventing dust to be released back into the environment. • HP007 Pets Eco-Cleaning
Lecoaspira Animal includes a 500 ml bottle of HP007 Pets Eco-Cleaning, the ECOLOGICAL detergent specifically thought for cleaning cats and dogs. It cleanses, eliminates bad smells and leaves the hair soft and shiny. A cleaning glove is included. • Continuous refill: Lecoaspira Animal's continuous refill system ensures an unlimited working autonomy. • Washable HEPA filter: The HEPA filter stops impurities, pollens and dustmites. • High-efficiency turbo brush: Enhances suction capacity and allows a good energy saving. It is perfect to clean carpets and moquettes and to remove pets' hairs.
Acessories: Multi-purpose floor brush with frames • Rigid extensions • High-efficiency turbo brush • 120° concentrator • Steam lance for 120°concentrator • Suction nozzle • Small suction nozzle • Radiator brush • Suction lance • Soft-bristled dust brush • Steam+vacuum nozzle • 200 mm squeegee insert • 130 mm squeegee insert • Bristled insert • Telescopic tube • Filling bottle • Cloth and sockette • Demo DVD • Accessories bag • Bioecologico Pine • Set of 3 colour-coded round brushes with nylon bristles • Tank cleaning brush • HP007 Pets Eco-Cleaning - Ecological cleansing spray for cats and dogs
System Continuous refill Max pressure 5 bar Pressure switch Yes Steam output Up to 110 g/min Steam adjustment Yes, on 5 levels Boiler material Stainless steel Boiler volume 1,5 l Use capacity Unlimited Water tank capacity 0,5 l Steam ready indicator Yes Low water level indicator Yes Vacuum function Yes Suction capacity 21 kPa Suction adjustment Yes, on handle Filtration Eco-Active water filter Dirt collection tank capacity 1,2 l + 1,8 l HEPA filter Yes Parking System Yes Boiler power 1250 W Motor power 1200 W Max power 2300 W Dimensions (WxDxH) 52 x 36 x 34 cm Weight 10,5 kg

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