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Stira & Aspira ironing boards: the ideal match to Polti irons. To make ironing even easier, Polti created the Stira & Aspira ironing boards. It is another original and very innovative idea which optimizes the performances of Vaporella irons. The range offers a choice for every need: from the multifunctional ironing board Stira e Aspira Pro to the simpliest Vaporella ironing board. The boards of the models Stira e Aspira Top, Stira Aspira and Vaporella undergo a rust-proof treatment, which is based on the cataphoresis principle. This treatment extends the life span of the ironing boards. All models feature practicality and comfort: the height is adjustable, the ironing board surface is very wide and once closed they occupy very little space.
Light and once closed takes up little space - Rust-proof treatment - power heating board - suctioning power - height regulation 8 positions min 79 - max 101 cm - ironing board dimension 122x40x1,5 cm
Original covers; machine washable. For: Stira e Aspira PRO and TOP, Vaporella Ironing Board; Stira&Aspira, Vaporella Professional System ; Vaporella Advanced System.

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