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Steam generator POLTI Vaporetto ECO PRO 3.0

Vaporetto. 25 years of love for cleanness. Polti anticipated consumers' needs for house cleaning introducing Vaporetto, the first "ecodomestic" which cleans the entire house simply with the force of steam, without the use of detergents or chemical products. Steam, free from minerals and electrical conductivity, neutralizes the static charge of dust. Thanks to its heat , steam detaches and melts dirt, releasing and trapping all particles of which dirt is composed : particles of fat, germs, bacteria and dustmites. Look at the Guide to Steam Cleaning and discover the advantages of Vaporetto! The Super Power system provides a steady release of powerful steam to dissolve even the thoughest dirt and eliminate dust mites and allergens. An aboundant release of steam makes cleaning operations faster. You can save up to five hours weekly in house cleaning when using Vaporetto! No Volt is the name of another exclusive Polti patent allowing easy steam control directly on the handle, using a non-electrical system. Cambridge and Lyon Universities have demonstrated the effectiveness of Vaporetto steam against dustmites (98% eliminated) and allergens (86% eliminated). British Allergy Foundation awarded Vaporetto with its "Seal of Approval" for its effectiveness in eliminating mites. Vaporetto is unique like its cap. This exclusive Polti's patent is a further safety measure and adds to the others responding to the most strict European regulations. Vaporetto steam cleans and disinfects the whole house. Vaporetto allows you to: wash tiles, wash floors, wash windows, remove kitchen grease, clean carpets and rugs, clean bathroom fixtures, remove limescale, iron clothes. All you need to clean with Vaporetto is normal tap water. Its water boiler is specifically intended for this. You will no longer need detergents, so you will save money and will help protect the environment. Each surface to be cleaned poses different problems. This is the reason why the range of accessories of the various models of Vaporetto is so wide. In each Vaporetto there is a box of Kalstop, a natural product which improves steam emisson and if used regularly, prevents limescale from building up extending the life of your product.
The optional iron changes Vaporetto Eco Pro 3000 into a Vaporella; - "Parking System": fixes the brush to the appliance.; - "Super Power System": more powerful system in less time; - "No Volt System" exclusive Polti patent; - Four wheels for easy transport and great stability; - security cap=YES; - boiler volume=2,9 l; - use capacity=2 l; - boiler material=stainless steel; - push button switches=YES; - steam emission=continuous regulation from 0-110 gr/min; - power=2000W - max pressure=3,75 bar; - appliance range of action=8,14 m
Kalstop - "No drip" filler bottle - Cloth and cover - Small brush - Large Brush - Extensions tubes - Accessory holder bag - DVD - 120° Accessory - Window Squeegee tool - High Pressure Lance - Iron Pro - Wire Brushes - Microfibre Cloth - Set of Cloth - Triangular Brush - Wallpaper Stripper - Hold-All - Circular Brush for 120° accessory - Brush Fittings

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