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Steam Iron Vaporella Inteligent POLTI

Vaporella. 30 years of smooth ironing. - Vaporella was born more than 30 years ago from a brilliant idea: offering all women professional ironing. Its success is immediate and year after year, it has been conquering consumers all over the world, offering them the possibility to iron effortlessly and achiving professional results. - The secret is the quality of steam. Vaporella steam, at the right temperature, passes through fabrics rapidly, eliminates creases and achieves good results from the very first passage. Furthermore, the power of Vaporella steam is so strong that it allows you to iron more than one ply of fabric at a time making ironing sheets, for example, many times faster. - Constant and homogenous steam. The soleplate on Vaporella irons is equipped of special grooves which provide a steady supply of steam at a constant temperature. The result is a correct division of heat without condensation or water leaks on the fabrics. - Sure of the results, safety for the use. All Polti products are equipped of safety devices. The exclusive SAFETY CAP, exclusive Polti patent, will not open if inside the boiler there is even the smallest presence of steam. - The steam regulation allows to change the release of steam quanity according to the fabrics: maximum steam for jeans, medium for cotton and linen, minimum for silk and synthetical fabrics. - The holes concentrated at the tip of the iron provide an injection of steam to smooth out fibres gently and eliminate even the most difficult creases. - Dry ironing . Vaporella enables you to iron efficiently just one article if you want, you have only to switch the iron on and leave the boiler off. .- The auto-filling feature distinguishes the models of the range Forever. It is possible to tap water in the watertank whenever you want, so inside the boiler there will always be the right amount of water. No more waiting for rifilling and unlimited working time. - Freshen up and iron coats, jackets and so on, vertically to get rid of unpleasant odours without using chemicals. - Each Vaporella iron is carefully designed, manufactured and tested before leaving the factory to guarantee maximum depenability. - In every Vaporella box you will find Kalstop, a natural product which improves steam emission and, if used regularly, prevents limescale from encrusting the boiler also extending the life of your appliance.
* Stainless steel soleplate and soft touch handle. * Unlimited operating time thanks to the auto-filling feature * Electronic steam and iron temperature control to suit selected fabric * Backlit LCD display for controlling all product functions * 5 preset ironing programmes - Maximum pressure 4.5 bar * system= non-stop refilling; - boiler volume=1,1 l; - use capacity=unlimited; - soleplate=inox; - boiler material=Extra AIP; - steam emission= electronic management; - boiler power=1200W; - iron power=750W; - max pressure=4,5 bar; - iron ready light=Yes, from LCD display ; - out of water light=Yes, from LCD display

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